Tuesday, 17 May 2016

What is 'normal'; am I 'normal'; and should I be 'normal'?

Well well well....

Hmmm...I guess we all want to be 'normal', but is that a good premise?

I have met many people whom are considered good 'normal' people, and whilst that looks fine on paper, what it means in reality is that some of them can be the most boring and bland of people you could ever hope to meet. They believe everything they read in the papers, or see on television, as fact. They don't have their own opinions, and even if they did, wouldn't voice them. They wouldn't want to be seen as deviating from the 'norm'.

Are you one of them? Now do you want to be like them?, well i guess you're thinking maybe not. You see we're supposed to be individuals with our own talents and strengths. We live in a tight knit overcontrolled Society, and we are being brainwashed since primary school, to become another homogenous same old, same old, 'brick in the wall'. Society wants dumb robots over creative individuals. It wants to 'box in' the human spirit into it's own easy to police agenda, of the human 'meatdom'

This same old, same'ness is going worldwide, in the form of New World Order. Cameron's so called, 'Big Society', is just a flirtitious hint that we're all fucked if we fail to wake up to what is going on.

Same education system, same religion style, same foods, same media, same laws, and we are all going into the mincing machine in that Pink Floyd video. If being 'normal' means being a part of that, then i know i want to be as abnormal as i can possibly be!

That's all for now folks, but stay tuned though, as we're just warming up! In the next post i will explain the hidden dangers of being different, and discuss the illusion of 'freedom'.

Thanks for reading, fellow seekers of merit and wonder.

Monday, 16 May 2016

They strive to irritate, as a means to distract one from their inner divinity.

Greeting fellow friends.

Today i want to make you think and question some bare knuckle basics. Next time you feel life is getting too crazy, stop and think about what is going on.

Is it something created by you, or is it something created by others? Actually, you'll be surprised to find that people are mostly fretting and causing a big fuss over nothing, and it's not necessarily their fault either, but the habit of a learnt behaviour that has been passed down, imprinted as 'normal', without questioning it.

But is behaving like a blue assed fly really normal? Are we supposed to worry about work targets or other stuff like we often do? Where i ask is the joy of life supposed fit into this crazy 'worry' equation?

Well folks, we need to stop, take time out, and above all find inner peace: We need to reclaim our sense of self and inner child by learning how to chill. We are human beings, not robots, so let's stop for a moment and gather some thoughts together: Start by living the life we instinctively know is 'right', for us!

Monday, 15 February 2016

A humble introduction!

Hello folks.

Yet another day dawns, and more challenges approach us. The question to blog or not depends if anyone can be bothered to read my rampant drivel and of course ranting.

I hope those that do will find it interesting ;)

Thank you.